50th-Who's Coming???

50th Reunion

Who's Coming???

(just a plan - you can change your mind)


Cathy and Tom McElroy



Janie Ayer Parr

Connie Conrod Bland

Marvin Hamlin and Deb

Helen Gaulden Walker

Jennifer Caldwell Brothers and John

Theresa Fox Fluty

Jean Shrader Anderson

Joel Thornton

Jan Shafer Carson

Cathy Cantrell Neal and Norm

Dwayne Cary

Randy Parsons and Nancy

Chip Wheelen

Stephan Asper

Kirk Miles and Kathie

Mike Hiebert

Janet Kittleson Hostetter

Sally Banks Swanson

Suzanne Teel Wright

Steve Lewallen and Valerie 

Linda Greenwell Robinson

Diana DeVore

Marcia Feger Thiel and Daryl

Nancy Barnes Woodrow and Dave

Tim Simmons

Lynn Emerson Biddle

Dee Sawyer Ledy and Mike

Craig and Diana Duncan

Ada Gutierrez Varner

Linda May Gann and Larry

Marty and Gene Bonham

Glen Bennett- maybe

Vicki Sims Hitchcock

Jo Jacks Russell

Brenda King Magee

Ruanne Robinson Chijimatsu and Mike

Christina Calvert Clements

Robert Hubbard

Virginia Holroyd Maas

Mike Dobson

Clarence Neal and Karen

Joy Hill Smith

Judy Prater Olmstead and Victor, maybe!

Rick Reynolds and Donna

Ed and Becky (Boggs) Groene

David & Margie Ritchie


Jim Luther

Janie Shriver Nozari

Ken Laws

Mike Wells

Steve Flower.

Zandra Hassard Swenson

Jean Shouse Fiscus