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04/29/08 11:49 AM #1    

Janie Ayers (Parr)

Wouldn't my former high school teachers be amazed!!!!!!??????

04/30/08 10:09 AM #2    

Chip Wheelen

Yes, the website is amazing. Even more amazing is that Connie's message was posted at 3:44AM.

05/01/08 07:16 PM #3    

Janet Kittelson (Hostetter)

Janie, thanks for sending the email so that I could get set up and also THANKS..... for getting the website put together.

05/06/08 12:47 PM #4    

Mike Dobson

hey a special thanks to all who got me off my posterior and got this reunion moving...lynn, janet, linda, and connie and I at the, and 4 good looking girls, fantasies do come true! then what can i say about janie.......except fantastic job! never been in a five-some but am adding you to the list! seriously though, ANYTHING that happens, happens because of these classmates! take some time to thank them!

06/11/08 11:22 AM #5    

Dwayne Cary

Janie, great job on setting up the website! The Bryant school picture takes us all back a few years.
Thanks Again

06/26/08 01:10 PM #6    

Chuck Wood

Janie, Connie and all the others involved: A great job on the website, a perfect way to keep in touch. Dobson has the right idea, I just wonder what secrets Hiebert holds! Could this be the reunion where all those secrets from our youthful indiscretions are revealed?

07/29/08 03:13 PM #7    

Janie Ayers (Parr)

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Greg Gardner???? janie

07/29/08 11:20 PM #8    

Helen Gaulden (Walker)

What a wonderful idea and a great job. Hats off to everyone for your hard work. I'm excited about attending the reunion. I hope it's a great turnout. Helen Gaulden

07/30/08 01:34 AM #9    

Linda May (Gann)

Janie....thanks for all of your hard work, and time spent in putting the web-site together. Youv'e done a really nice job in setting it up. It has definitely made our jobs easier. And Connie....thanks for all of your hard work too. The extra calling, and searching you have done on missing classmates. And the up-dated emails that you send us, have been a big help. I hope everyone appreciates both of you for your hard work, by getting on the web-site and registering.

08/08/08 10:42 PM #10    

Jean Shouse (Fiscus)

The web site is amazing. Janie thanks for the great job. As usaual I won't be able to attend the reunion. Its seems it always lands at the same time my company has their annual convention. This year its in Las Vegas, so I'll either come back rich or poor,(probably the latter).
Any way I do love browsing through the web site and catching up on everyone. Again you have done an excellent job.
Jean Fiscus (Shouse)

08/09/08 06:43 PM #11    

Janet Shafer (Carson)

This website is AWESOME! This has been so much fun to catch up with classmates...especially since many of us no longer live in Winfield. I'm looking forward to the reunion. Thanks to all of you that are planning the weekend for all of us and to Janie for getting this website up and running.

08/12/08 09:49 PM #12    

Kathy St. Peter

The website is great! Pictures are wonderful. Great job. Look forward to seeing everyone.

08/30/08 11:21 PM #13    

Cristina Calvert (Clements)

Janie, The website is great! Thanks so much to one and all for all your hard work. Can't wait to see everyone.
Cristina Calvert

09/10/08 01:57 PM #14    

Sandra Dorsey

hello again Janie. I hadn't heard from you lately, but i wanted you to know that I'm making plans to be at the reunion. My son said it would be great to celebrate 40 years out of high school, and wants to be a part of it with me. He laughed when he saw my grade school pictures.

you all have done a great job putting this on, i hope to see everyone in Oct.

oh yea, I will pay my registration fees at the reunion, I don't have any debit or credit cards. Hope this won't be a problem.

love you all


09/16/08 07:27 PM #15    

Janie Shriver (Nozari)

Janie, Great job on the website. I'm now in contact with one of my best friends in school that I haven't seen or talked to in 40 years WOW! This is wonderful!!!!!

09/20/08 06:05 PM #16    

Janie Ayers (Parr)

Isn't this great fun? Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Be sure to look at the 'lost classmates' list, and help us find them if you can! janie

09/24/08 11:40 AM #17    


Janet Phillips (Austin)

Janie - Good to see you're still the class mover/shaker/organizer! Thank you.

Connie asked me if I recognized myself in one of the gallery photos. I told her I didn't which made it just like the mirror.

I'll be sending you some photos for posting.

09/26/08 01:27 PM #18    

Doug Sisson

Janie, I'm not actually in the class of 1968. However, I've been to so many of the reunions with Doug that I feel like I should be..LOL. We just wanted to tell you what a terrific job you've done with the website..
AWESOME!! Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Hope to see you at this years reunion. Sandy (Turner) Sisson

09/26/08 04:47 PM #19    

Janie Ayers (Parr)

Hey guys...thanks for all your kinds words! This web site is pretty special! BUT...Connie Conrod Bland needs to recognized as being the mover and shaker of this 40th reunion. Her relentless determination in contacting classsmates has been simply amazing to me. She has spent countless hours on the phone trying to track everyone down, and she needs the kudos too! She gets so excited when she finds someone that has been lost!!!! Make her day, and find Randy Bergdall for her!!! See you all soon! janie

09/28/08 03:08 PM #20    


Janet Phillips (Austin)

My Mom always referred to Randy Bergdall as "the kid who almost drove our car in the water at Island Park" (at one of my birthday parties). I don't recall all the circumstances of why he decided to "drive" the old 56 Chevrolet, however, when I went to any party after that, Mom always asked if he was going to be there!

09/28/08 03:57 PM #21    

Janie Ayers (Parr)

janet....therefore....I think it's your responsibilty to find him!!!!!

Hey...we just got home from the game.............Chiefs beat the Donkeys!!!! janie

09/29/08 09:50 PM #22    


Cathy Cantrell (Neal)

The website is simply awesome and kudos to everyone involved. I've been reminising and catching up. Wish more people would post pictures, it is fun to see how we've changed over the years. I've gained a few pounds here and there but I thank God every day for the good health I have. Hope you all have a great time, I won't be able to attend in person but will think of you.

09/30/08 12:22 PM #23    


Janet Phillips (Austin)

I just found all my old "English Echoes" publications. If anyone wants one of their superb poems or essays, I'll be happy to send you copies!

I especially enjoyed my in-depth limerick about how Rosie can't blowsy her nosey!

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