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•   Linda Greenwell (Robinson)  3/15
•   Chip Wheelen  3/6
•   Eric King  1/24
•   Becky Boggs (Groene)  2/2
•   Sandra Dorsey  1/30
•   Martha Freed (Bonham)  12/16
•   Don Alvord  10/31
•   Cathy Cantrell (Neal)  10/22
•   Janie Shriver (Nozari)  10/21
•   Alice Richardson (Simmons)  10/5
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3 location unknown


•   Ada Tita Gutierrez (Varner)  7/14
•   Virginia Holroyd (Maas)  7/15
•   Sandra Dorsey  7/25
•   Connie Cox (Williams)  7/28
•   Joy Hill (Smith)  8/1
•   Toy Hill (Baker)  8/1
•   Cathy Holmes (McElroy)  8/2
•   Terry Priest  8/5
•   Eugene White  8/9
•   Connie Conrod (Bland)  8/10

“In a Time of Distance”
By Alexander McCall Smith, Writer, Professor

The unexpected always happens in the way
The unexpected has always occurred:
While we are doing something else,
While we are thinking of altogether
Different things — matters that events
Then show to be every bit as unimportant
As our human concerns so often are;
And then, with the unexpected upon us,
We look at one another with a sort of surprise;
How could things possibly turn out this way
When we are so competent, so pleased
With the elaborate systems we’ve created —
Networks and satellites, intelligent machines,
Pills for every eventuality — except this one?

And so we turn again to face one another
And discover those things
We had almost forgotten,
But that, mercifully, are still there:
Love and friendship, not just for those
To whom we are closest, but also for those
Whom we do not know and of whom
Perhaps we have in the past been frightened;
The words brother and sister, powerful still,
Are brought out, dusted down,
Found to be still capable of expressing
What we feel for others, that precise concern;
Joined together in adversity
We discover things we had put aside:
Old board games with obscure rules,
Books we had been meaning to read,
Letters we had intended to write,
Things we had thought we might say
But for which we never found the time;
And from these discoveries of self, of time,
There comes a new realisation
That we have been in too much of hurry,
That we have misused our fragile world,
That we have forgotten the claims of others
Who have been left behind;
We find that out in our seclusion,
In our silence; we commit ourselves afresh,
We look for a few bars of song
That we used to sing together,
A long time ago; we give what we can,
We wait, knowing that when this is over
A lot of us — not all perhaps — but most,
Will be slightly different people,
And our world, though diminished,
Will be much bigger, its beauty revealed afresh.