45th Reunion - Friday pics


Please please email me some pictures! I know I didn't get around to eveyone who attended!


Saturday pics will be uploaded tomorrow!


Becky Boggs Groene and Ed Groene hosted the Friday festivities at their home.


Tim Simmons and Janie Ayers Parr.


Sally Banks Swanson and Stephan Asper.



Stephan Asper, Craig Duncan and Lynn Emerson Biddle.



Sally Banks Swanson, Connie Conrod Bland and Cathy Holmes McElroy.



Lynn Emerson Biddle and Suzanne Teel Wright.



Tom and Cathy (Holmes) McElroy.


Richard Biddle, Janie Ayers Parr, and Helen (Teeny) Hendrickson Samms.


John Brothers, Sherry Biddle, and Jennifer Cadwell Brothers.



Richard Biddle, Jennifer Cadwell Brothers, Helen (Teeny) Hendrickson Samms, Stephan Asper and Curt Watts.



Sally Banks Swanson, Tim Simmons, Lynn Emerson Biddle and Linda May Gann.


Joy Hill Smith, Linda Greenwell Robinson, Kathie Miles and Diana Duncan.


Joy Hill Smith, Janie Ayers Parr and Toy Hill Baker.


Janie Ayers Parr, Kirk Miles, Sally Banks Swanson, Cathy Holmes McElroy, and Craig Duncan.



Suzanne Teel Wright, Kirk Miles, Sally Banks Swanson, Cathy Holmes McElroy and Craig Duncan.


Connie Conrod Bland and Jonette Sweetland Hunter.



Vickie Sims Hitchcock, and Margie Ritchie.



Robert Hubbard and David Ritchie. (foreground) Jo Jacks Russell, Dee Sawyer Ledy, Bessie Johnson Sterbenz, Pam Hopkins Wartick and Judy Kelly Clower. (background)



Sarah Keely Setzkorn and Becky Boggs Groene.



Dee Sawyer Ledy, and Bessie Johnson Sterbenz.

Pam Hopkins Wartick and Judy Kelly Clower.