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Bryant Elementary, 4th Grade Class. 1st row: Dwayne Cary, Marcia Feger, Nathan Biddle, Eugene White, Danny Davis, Marty Freed, Jim Esterbrook, Sondra Dorsey. 2nd row: ?  ?  Janie Ayers, June Wilson, Leroy Barton, Nancy Barnhart, Lynn Emerson, Kenny Porter, Bobbie Rush. 3rd Row: Jimmy Ginder, Cheryl  Watson, Mary Tapia, Tim Simmons, Steve Flower, Dennis Hittle, Charlotte Yianakopulos. Back Row: Steve Holloway, Mrs. Jester, Diane Stevenson. Can anyone help with the question marks...or correct my mistakes???? janie

Island Park, 2004 Reunion.

 Bryant Elementary, 3rd Grade Class with Mrs. Ridings. Front row: Marcia Feger, Eugene White, Nathan Biddle, Danny Davis, Sondra Dorsey, and ?. 2nd row: Janie Ayers, ?, Kenny Porter, Jimmy Ginder, June Wilson, Nancy Barnhart, Dwayne Cary. 3rd Row: Lynn Emerson, Bobbie Rush, Diane Stevenson, Loretta Spatz,  Steve Flower, Dennis Hittle, ?. 4th row: Mrs. Ridings, ?, Mike Flower, Cheryl Watson. Any Corrections????? or help with ??

Lowell Elementary, 5th Grade with Mrs. Poundstone. Front row: Bob Hetherington, Terry Priest, Paul Sthole, Roger Dillon, Janie Ayers, Kathy Eudaly, ?, Sondra Dorsey, Lonnie Miller, Stan Lewis. 2nd Row: Ray Bruce, Jerry Goff???, Steve Rhodes, Mike Trimble, Judy Kelly, Janie Shriver, Helen Hendrickson, Kris Halgedahl, Larry Kadau, Don Teter. Back Row: Fred Wagner, Patty McKnab, Jimmy Bowlby, Loretta Spatz, ? , Lonnie Lemon, Robert Dunn, Doug Sisson, Loretta Dotts, ?, and Mrs. Poundstone. Any help with this one?

Kindergarten??? at Whittier, with Mrs. Elder, Front row: Sondra Dorsey, ?, Dwayne Cary, Allen Herman, ? Connie Cox, ? , ?. 2nd Row: Nancy Barnhart, Nathan Biddle, Janie Ayers, Marcia Feger, Dennis Hittle,  Lynn Black, ?,  Danny Davis, ?. Back Row: Mrs. Elder, ?, Lynn Emerson, Janet Phillips, Mike Flower, Steve Flower, ?, Jimmy Ginder, ?.


Chuck Wood and Lynn Emerson Biddle, 2004 Reunion


Don, Kathie and Kirk Miles, Reunion 2004

Suzanne Teel Wright, Charlotte Yianakopulos Veatch, and Margaret Rose Robinson. Reunion 2004


Ivy Bolack Kelley, Robert Hubbard, Linda Greenwell Robinson, and Janie Ayers Parr, Reunion 2004

Teeny Hendrickson Samms, Ruanne Robinson-Wun Chijimatsu, Delores Sawyer Ledy, and Jonette Sweetland Hunter, 2004















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Below is a picture of Linda Greenwell, Cristina Calvert and Diana DeVore....30th class reunion!

2nd graders at Stevenson Elementary!