40th-Saturday Reunion Pics

Saturday Golf Outing: Nathan Biddle, Jim Luther, Stephan Asper and Larry Gann! (the losers!!!!)

The Winners: Mike Hiebert, Janie Ayers, Mike Dobson and David Swenson. (Zandra's Husband)

Dobson and David Swenson.

Mike was very entertaining with his rubber snake that he kept scaring me with! (janie) 

The gallery watching the winning team approach the 18th tee box!

Golfers and others enjoying some Mexican food at the one East of town. (name escapes me!)

Golf crew and others.........Connie & Lynn and Brenda (luther's wife)

Lynn, Linda, Hiebert and Larry Gann


Janie, Stephan, Brenda and James Luther 

Janie Ayers and Stephan

Mike Hiebert, Larry Gann and Nathan Biddle

Turkeys greeting us at Winfield Country Club!

Group shots:



Daryl & Marcia (Feger) Thiel , Julie Taylor Satterthwaite and Stephan Asper

Brenda & Jim Luther

Jennifer (Cadwell) Brothers and John

Marcia (Feger) and Daryl Thiel

Kathy Eudaly and Son

Nathan and Brenda Biddle

Becky Boggs Jones, and Ed Groene

Vic Olmstead and Judy Prater Olmstead

Judy Kelly Clower and Loretta Dotts Sketers

Zandra Hassard Swenson and David Swenson

Janet Shafer Carson and Chuck Carson

Janet Kittleson , Janet Shafer, Chuck Carson and Janie Shriver

Terry Priest and Elaine

Dennis Waldroupe and Cheryl Watson

Deb and Marvin Hamlin

Chip Wheelen and Mike HiebertChip and Mike again!

Randy Parsons and Nancy

Joel Thornton and Mary


Jean Shrader and Mike Ledy

Curt Watts and Vicki Sims

Helen Gaulden and Deloris Sawyer

Linda May and Connie Conrod

Larry Gann and Linda May

Jonette Sweetland and Lynn Emerson

Suzanne Teel and Diane DeVore

Kathy St. Peter and Linda Greenwell

Sally Banks and Cristina Calvert

Julie Taylor and Mike Dobson

Kirk Miles, Don Miles and Kathie Miles

Diana Duncan and Craig Duncan

Connie Conrod and Janie Parr receiving gifts from the committee and class for their hard work! Lynn Emerson and Mike Dobson look on.

Mike Dobson receiving a t shirt from the committee.

Sally Banks and Suzie Teel leading us in the Alma Mater!

 Allan Jones and Linda Godsey

Mike Hiebert and Helen Gaulden

Kirk Miles and Mike Dobson

Kathy St. Peter and Joel Thornton

Stephan Asper, Jonette Sweetland and Craig Duncan

Daryl Thiel and Linda Greenwell

John Dietrich and Craig Duncan

Janie Ayers, John Dietrich, Craig Duncan and Kathy St. Peter

Connie Conrod and Kirk Miles

Marcia Feger and Janie Ayers


Helen Gaulden, Mike Hiebert, Lynn Emerson, Randy Parsons and Janie Ayers

Kathy St. Peter, Kirk Miles, Jim Luther and Brenda

Display of elementary classroom photographs, etc.

John Dietrich, Stephan Asper and Terry Priest

 the Conrod sisters....Becky, Linda and Connie with Joel Thornton.

Helen Gaulden and Sally Banks

Deloris Sawyer, Jo Jacks, Loretta Dotts and Robert Hubbard

Judy Kelly, Jean Sharader, Robert Hubbard, Vicki Sims, Janie Ayers,  Janet Shafer and Zandra Hassard

Janie Shriver, Loretta Dotts, Jo Jacks and Deloris Sawyer

Winfield turkey wants to party with us in the clubhouse!

Larry Gann and the turkey!

 Lynn Emerson, Cristina Calvert and Diane Stevenson

Connie and Chip Wheelen

Turkey on the Thiel's car.............or are there 2???  Silly turkey thinks he has a friend inside the car! Ha! Suzie Teel thinks she can get him!

It absolutely refused to get off the car!

Okay...the Thiel's have had enough.....they are leaving with the turkey as their new hood ornament!

They left, drove around the parking lot once, came back and the darn turkey was clinging for it's life. It wanted to go home with them!

"Shoo turkey!"

Someone....Daryl? finally picked it up and it went on it's merry way................

 Poor baby................