June 2022

Kirk, Steve, Mike, Craig and Chip enjoying a Royals game!!

Jennifer, Sarah and Marcia at Mel's Hard Luck Diner.  Dinner before Clay Cooper Theater in Branson. 
Jennifer's Granddaughter performs at Clay Cooper! 





May, 2022

68 Girls having fun at Pizza Hut! 

Sitting: Lynn, Judy, Ivy, Nancy, Teany, Jo's sister, Lucille. 

Standing: Linda, Janet, Dee, Jo, Marcia, Jennifer, Sarah and Judy. 




Fun day of Golf with Chip Wheelen, Mike Hiebert and Janie Ayers Parr! 
Eagle Bend, Lawrence, Kansas!  Cart path only, so we got our steps in for sure!!




Fun get together with Janie Ayers,  Kris and Kirk Miles! Coach's Overland Park. March 9, 2022.



Kathie and Kirk Miles, with Diana and Craig Duncan at EAGLES concert in Denver!!

 September 18. 2021Great Lunch at Nick and Jake's in Shawnee! 

Mike Hiebert, Kirk Miles, Janie Ayers, Chip Wheelen, Sally Banks and Steve Wilson!

Great time with plenty of laughter and reminiscing!

Septemberr 3, 2021



Randy Parsons, Craig Duncan, Mike Hiebert and Kirk Miles in Colorado!!

August 7, 2021

Father's Day at Shindigs! 

Janie Ayers, Lynn Emerson, Marcia Feger

Daughters of Russell, Richard and Charles!

Class of 68 Ladies, enjoying Boss Hog's BBQ, 314 W. 8th Ave. in Winfield! October 10, 2019.

Janet Kittleson Hostetter, Janie Ayers Parr, Judy Prater Olmstead, Ivy Bolack Kelley, Jo Jacks Russell, Jo's sister, Lucille Jacks Feist, Linda May Gann, Sarah Keely Setzkorn, and Marcia Feger Thiel. 







Ruanne (Robinson) Chijimatsu was in town! Lunch and visiting with Marcia (Feger) Thiel, Ruanne, Sarah (Keely) Setzkorn, Jennifer (Cadwell) Brothers, and Lynn (Emerson) Biddle!



Ruanne (Robinson) Chijimatsu, Daryl and Marcia (Feger) Thiel. Thiel's were traveling through Clovis, NM and all had lunch together!  August, 2019.



Marcia (Feger) and Daryl Thiel, and Linda (May) and Larry Gann at the Cowely County Fair, Aug. 2019

Mike Hiebert, Janie (Ayers) Parr and Stephan Asper at the Peanut on Santa Fe in Overland Park, Ks.

Aug. 5, 2019


Janet Kittleson Hostetter, Christie Sheeks Clark and Dee Sawyer Ledy reminiscing in Winfield!

Christie moved away in Jr. High. She now resides in Farmington, New Mexico.


Stephan and Bobbie Asper, and Craig and Diana Duncan

San Carlos Island, Florida 

April 18, 2019





"Winfield Gang" meeting for dinner. April 16, 2019 at Gambino's.

Janet Kittleson Hostetter, Jo Jacks Russell, Lynn Emerson Biddle, Sarah Keely Setzkorn, Deloris Sawyer Ledy, Marcia Feger Thiel, Linda May Gann and Helen Hendrickson Samms. 



March 2018 in Clovis, NM

Ed & Becky (Boggs) Groene with Mike & Ruanne (Robinson) Chijimatsu

Winfield Gals Get Together For Lunch! April 2018

Marcia Feger Thiel, Judy Prater Olmstead, Deloris Sawyer Ledy, Eva Rhodes Runyan

Ivy Bolack Kelley, Lucille Jacks Feist, Jo Jacks Russell


Lynn Emerson Biddle, Marcia Feger Thiel and Jennier Cadwell Brothers enjoying lunch in Winfield on Election Day 2016.



Daryl and Marcia ( Feger) Thiel visited John and Connie (Conrod) Bland in Texas-Feb 2014) Daryl and and Marcia Thiel were in KC....Janie Ayers Parr and John Parr met them for dinner at J. Alexanders! 1/17/15


John Parr and Janie Ayers Parr having lunch with Ada Gutierrez, and her friend, Jack,  in Jacksonville, Florida! March 19,2014. We had not seen each other since 1969!!!!!

Mike Dobson, Janie Ayers, Marcia Feger and Lynn Emerson in Winfield, December 2013.



Kansas City get together at Diana DeVore's home. Janie Ayers, Joy Hill, Kathy St. Peter, Linda Greenwell and Diana DeVore! 9/13/2013